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The story starts with you.
The telling starts with us.

We tell it to the individual

We tell it to the world

We speak through a trusted network that reaches billions


Build authentic relationships.
Engage the potential of UGC.


per day are spent looking at, engaging with and sharing UGC


UGC is 35% more memorable than any other forms of content


UGC is a full 50% more influential*


UGC videos on YouTube get 10x as many views** as videos created by the actual brand

At CMG we can help you navigate the evolving
space and harness the true power of UGC.

* **emarsys


Caters UGC Library

Dive into our library of over 10,000 pre cleared videos…

under our exclusive management with fresh trending content being added daily. All are available for commercial use.

We have content in a huge variety of verticals…

from highly viral ‘caught on camera’ shots to cute babies, to beautifully composed landscapes from our professional videographers.

Any agreements provide you with…

all the warranties required to engage audiences and capitalise on social trends with complete peace of mind.

License and leverage existing proven content


We track and source video content across all platforms


Our Process

CMG is a full-service agency. We provide scalable support, from strategic planning and concept creation to production, delivery and campaign activation.

You can utilise us anywhere along the campaign timeline
below and for as many stages as required.

1. Content Creation

Our creatives will sit with your team to understand and discuss your campaign objectives, timings and brand guidelines. We then provide you with a detailed proposal for a creative multi-platform solution, including process, the timeline, the delivery and the cost estimate. We stay flexible throughout the project so your feedback and input can continue to evolve and develop the creative.

2. Content Research

Our in-house research team will then begin the research phase. We source all the necessary content to fulfil the campaign not only from our own exclusively managed inventory, but also all other social platforms, providing you with a bespoke catalogue of content to review. We can also research and clear specific clips that you have located and would like the rights to.

3. Content Clearance

Once you have reviewed the content catalogue and selected your top choices, we begin the content clearance phase. Our in-house clearance team perform the necessary due diligence to ensure we are dealing with the correct video owner before negotiating and clearing the terms you require for the campaign.

4. Licensing

Any clips selected from our inventory are already pre-cleared and ready to go, if you simply require our existing content then we can deliver these clips to you at any point.

5. Production

Our in-house production team can then produce the campaign, editing the content creatively into the formats signed off in the concept creation phase. For example a 30 second spot for TV and a 15 second cut down for Instagram and Facebook.

6. Activation

We then have several options available to you to help you activate your campaign. We can ensure it gets the targeted viewership you are aiming for.


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CMG are a full-service agency so we can help all the way from strategic planning and concept creation to production, delivery and campaign activation.